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A specialist in private 1:1 or duet 1:2 classes only, enabling bespoke programming, monitoring and objective focussed classes on the mat and all original machines

pilates studio - clapham, trained and qualified by Basi Pilates

About Thushara

Trained, qualified and experienced mat and machine Pilates Teacher, specialising in the reformer, cadillac/tower, wunda chair, spine corrector, ladder barrel and avalon equipment.

Thushara has been practising pilates for over 17 years now and trained to be a teacher having seen the muscle tone and postural benefits of pilates in her own body. Thushara left a successful 20 year career in Publishing to train with Body, Arts & Science International, renowned for their comprehensive teacher training course and trained for two years before graduating to teach mat and machine pilates across many South West London studios and privately under the Pilates by Thushara brand. And now in her own boutique studio space, including all original and specialist Pilates machines – Pilates by Thushara, just off the Northcote Road near Clapham Junction. The most enjoyable part of teaching for her is seeing results in her clients.


She has trained clients with the following injuries/special demographics: pregnant and post birth, amputees, brachial plexus, scoliosis, hip replacements, knee replacements/injuries, mature clients, teenagers, shoulder injuries, plantar fascitis, sciatica, diastasis recti, general fitness, car crash victims, weight loss enhancement, bike ride and golf tournament entrants.


Pilates exercise programmes are formulated to exercise all muscle groups in the body, ensuring a comprehensive, full body workout.

Hear It From Pilates By Thushara's Client Base

Based on 18 reviews
Inhae Chung
Inhae Chung
Highly recommended! I really look forward to my weekly classes and always leave feeling happier in mind and body. Thushara is fantastic. I really appreciate her attention to detail, planning the classes to my exact needs.
From Clapham Junction
From Clapham Junction
Thushara is a very knowledgeable and exceptional thorough Pilates instructor. I have been doing weekly sessions with her for a year and very appreciate how she has helped me improve my strength and posture.
Martin Jupp
Martin Jupp
My regular sessions with Thushara are an invaluable part of my dealing with my mobility and strength issues connected to my Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Serim Cetin
Serim Cetin
Emma Pentecost
Emma Pentecost
A brilliant class if you want to be stronger, fitter, more flexible…with a fantastic teacher - cant recommend enough!
Steph H
Steph H
Thushara is a fantastic patient instructor. I really enjoy the weekly sessions. I was completely new to Pilates and wanted to start weekly sessions to improve my core strength and overall well-being. I have made great progress thanks to Thushara. Would recommend her classes to everyone.
Lena Stutznaecker
Lena Stutznaecker
Thushara is absolutely fantastic. She is really the best instructor I have ever had and I have been doing reformer pilates for years. I am doing one-to-one classes with her and each class is so well planned and tailored to my needs. Thushara pays so much attention to right posture and what exercises I need, it makes such a difference - I feel pilates with Thushara is just a totally new level. I feel challenged without being pushed too hard. Would highly recommend.
I have had 1-on-1 classes with Thushara for over 2 years now, and can't say more wholeheartedly what a wonderful teacher she is. I've always loved reformer Pilates, but Thushara really takes it to the next level. She is so knowledgeable, and incredibly thoughtful about how to tailor classes to your evolving needs - she has taught me through pregnancy, post natal and injury. She strikes a balance between working on areas of weakness, but also pushing you to keep improving and trying new things. During various lockdowns, her online classes have been wonderful but I'm delighted to finally be back in the studio!
Kristin Edwards
Kristin Edwards
Thushara is an excellent instructor. I have challenges with my shoulder and back and she is very conscious about ensuring I'm doing all exercises with proper form so I'm not injuring myself. Her studio is a lovely, light-filled spot just off of Wandsworth Common. Even before COVID made us all hyper-vigilant about disinfecting things, Thushara always wiped down all equipment (even the ankle weights!) to ensure everything was safe and clean for her clients. I'd highly recommend her if you are looking for one-on-one Pilates instruction.
Phillip Sherry
Phillip Sherry
Incredible teacher. Went for increased body strength to reduce pain from desk work, not only did it work well for that - I really enjoyed the aesthetic benefits! Highly recommend for all ages - I'm 26. Thushara is very in tune with her clients and responsive to your needs/abilities and goals

Summary of Classes

I only offer private classes to enable bespoke programmes for each individual body (as no two bodies need the same workout!) and to ensure correct set up, adjustments and corrections for each exercise. Precise movements engage the correct muscles and result in faster postural and movement changes in your body.

Personal Assessment

Private class covering the principles, terminology and basic exercises, enabling you to assess whether the studio and my teaching are the correct fit for you and to enable me to create a bespoke programme for you from a postural and movement analysis.

Private Classes

Private class including a postural analysis and creation of a bespoke programme using mat and all machine exercises. Prior Pilates experience or an assessment is not required for private classes.

Duet Classes

A duet class for you and a friend/partner includes the creation of bespoke programmes for both of you, combining mat and machine work. Prior Pilates experience or an assessment is not required for duet classes.

  • Improve Posture
  • Increase Muscle Tone
  • Enhance Flexibility
  • Protect Your Spine
  • Prevent Injury
  • Balance, Mind, Body and Spirit
  • Restore Physical Vitality
  • Enhance Your Fitness To Encourage Weight Loss
  • Pilates is the most comprehensive form of cross training to enable optimal performance in all your other sports eg golf, rugby, tennis, cycling and running
  • Pilates exercises are set up meticulously (especially in private classes) to access the postural muscles that enable a straight upright and strong spine without having to think about it
  • A fully equipped mat and machine studio in SW11
  • Machines include all original Joseph Pilates’ invented equipment, including the reformer/tower (version of the cadillac), wunda chair, spine corrector and mat
  • Brand new boutique space with beautiful, maintained, safe and clean pilates machines
  • Classes are available for all levels of fitness whether you are a beginner or an experienced Pilates student
  • Classes are suitable for all ages; the current client base ranges from age 25-77


Please text or WhatsApp me for pricing, availability and to book a personal assessment class.

Contact Us

Let’s put you in touch with Thushara, simply follow the step by step process and once you’re done, she will get back to you.

What To Wear To Classes

Ideally clothes that allow the body to move, clothes without zips and clean socks to enable grip on the mat and machines.

Cancellation Policy

Pilates by Thushara offers a 24-hour cancellation policy. Classes cancelled within this period will be deducted from your block or charged as booked. We will try our best to replace you if due to an emergency you have to cancel later than 24 hours, but this cannot be guaranteed. Block bookings are valid for 6 months and are non-refundable.

Regular Private/Duet Sessions

Pilates by Thushara offers block bookings and payment options to secure regular slots. If you cancel your regular slot more than 3 times in a row, we cannot guarantee this slot for you if there is another interested party. Regular slots are reserved for and payable by clients until written confirmation is given to cancel the slot.

Website Information

The information on this website is provided for visitors and/or clients and may be updated periodically. Information cannot be guaranteed nor should be copied for personal or corporate use. Pilates by Thushara shall have no liability arising from the use of information nor any potential viruses from hyperlinks contained herein.

Privacy & Security Policy

Pilates by Thushara will never sell, rent, exchange or share any personal information with any third parties. Your private information is kept confidential.

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